Our Belief_

We don't believe in management consulting. We don't believe in technology consulting. We don't believe in innovation agencies. We don't believe in silos.

We believe that digitalization only makes sense if it is thought from start to finish. Because strategy without implementation is useless and implementation without strategy is random. In a complex world where determine factors in the blink of an eye, strategic thinking, conceptual feasibility and implementation experience must go hand in hand.

We are convinced: Innovation only works if we understand the challenges involved - and we do: Because we have lived through them ourselves. We understand the complexity that comes with digitalization. The impact on business models, processes, technology and culture. And the changes this will bring to your organization.

The answer to this complexity is not simplification. The answer is diversity to identify connections and develop new solution spaces. Diversity that needs to be orchestrated.

We believe in connecting perspectives. In the collaboration of different competencies. With us, there is no client and no service provider. With us, there are teams. Tailored to the problem at hand, with the user in mind, and successful together.

We believe in creativity and a change of perspective that helps us to question the status quo, always with the aim of understanding existing structures and business models and changing them to make them fit for the future. We believe in the ability to "pull things to the ground". With the stamina to go through valleys and with solutions that work and inspire.

"Customer eats strategy for breakfast." _Olaf Seemann

Our Values_

We stand for diversity. Nonetheless we have agreed on a foundation that we all live by. Both internally and externally. And that's where we can be measured on.

Challenge the status quo

We question what we find. In doing so, we understand why things are the way they are and appreciate what we see. We actively take up new things, experiment and benefit from trying them out. With an open attitude and perspective, we recognize and exploit the possibilities inherent in every new idea.

Show ownership

We are proactive in what we do and propose solutions that we actively seek to address. Perceived limitations do not stop us, but lead us to consult new perspectives in order to find solutions. We demonstrate accountability for the issues we find and ensure that they reach their destination in a customer-focused and effective manner. We deliver. Always.

Done is better then perfect

We believe that in the digital world, speed is of essence. We focus on fast validation and continuously incorporate feedback in our solution process. Learning is explicitly part of our approach in a complex world. At the same time, we are 100% diligent in what we do.


In our daily interactions, we inspire others to take new perspectives. We show options that no one has thought of and help to understand them. In doing so, we connect the known with the unknown and encourage the people we work with to take on new perspectives themselves.

A team outplays the individual

In a complex world, it takes a multitude of dimensions to find solutions. We are convinced that an exceptional team is essential for success. Discourse is an important tool, as is the ability to bring together different views into one overall perspective. Learning mechanisms and retrospectives maximize team impact.

Embrace diversity

Digitalization means complexity. The answer to complexity is the diversity of dimensions in finding solutions. Diversity is an essential factor in this. An open mind to what's different helps us to develop personally and to improve our work. We benefit from gender diversity, from different origins and identities, views and values.


We focus on the person sitting at the table with us and perceive them as such. Understanding hopes and worries, fears and motivations. Taking actions to secure each other. Towards everyone we interact with.

Our Team_

Complexity needs diversity. Accordingly, there are no lone warriors at our company. Our teams are put together according to the focus of their project. Our customers feel how much we enjoy what we at every stage of our collaboration. Are you an Innovationeer too? Write us!

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"It's not done before it's done." _Olaf Seemann

Our History_

Since 2004, the corporate brand DANGELMAYER SEEMANN has stood for structured traceability, interdisciplinary understanding and impartiality in every form.

We are established as the management consultancy that identifies and understands issues critical to success for its clients at the interface between human and machine, information technology and organization, leading them to success in a customer-centric way.

Our core expertise has always been within technical implementation and the cope of the organizational impact of change coming with it. For international corporates as well as for successful medium-sized businesses in Germany. The number of enthused customers instead of the number of projects being sold has always been our internal measure of success.

Dynamically changing market conditions and increased requirements that go beyond technical possibilities and necessities present companies and their employees with new challenges. Sustainable business model innovation, digitalization or work of the future are some buzzwords that can no longer be ignored.

This is exactly where we start in our way forward. That is why DANGELMAYER SEEMANN continues to evolve. Holistic perspectives with a focus on implementation becomes holistic perspectives representing a symbiosis of strategy and implementation. With creativity we think anew. With over 300 years of practical experience, we transform. With competence in business models, technology and organization, we create solutions that work. DANGELMAYER SEEMANN becomes Innovationeers.