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Our heart beats innovation, our head thinks engineering

We are Innovationeers - your experts for digital transformation. With creativity, we think anew. With over 300 years of practical experience, we transform. With expertise in business models, technology and organization, we deliver solutions that work.

Our approach combines strategy with implementation. Creativity with technology. "Thinking outside the box" with "diving to the ground." And yes, at the end, there is IT involved, as well. And organization. And change. And governance. And risk. And compliance. Our ideas are implemented. For the user. Not for the drawer.

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Stay up to date with the latest developments - we do the same.
"Customer eats strategy for breakfast." _Joachim Müller

What we do_

Digitalization needs diversity - this is how we set priorities. Our approach and our services are integrated seamlessly.

Trends, business development, innovation, digitalization and IT transformations can not be done within boundaries or silos. The challenge is to understand the interdependencies despite the project focus and to act integratively. Our services are geared towards realization.

Business model innovation

We combine talent with experience and methodology. No matter whether your roadmap is already set or you have more of a sense of what digitalization means for you so far: We bring the latest technology trends and connect them to the specifics of your business. We move fast: from idea to prototype, from prototype to "minimum viable product", we approach the finished result step by step, including the anchoring into your organization. Always with the end customer in mind, technically sensible and economically successful.

Work of the future

New work is what the world is asking for! Sustainable digitalization means changing the way we work and the way we respond to change. "Change for Change" is the perspective we open up for your organization - to enable it to work together in new ways to better respond to ongoing change. Structure, skills and culture are the key areas we focus on in our approach.

Machine Learning and AI

The robots are taking over - not. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are nonetheless changing the world in which we live and work at the speed of light. We help you to identify potentials, qualify effects and validate them quickly. We place a special focus on "superminds" that arise when humans and machines collaborate ideally.

Information Security by Design

In a highly technological world, your business risks are shifting. But don't worry: We got your back. We make sure that the protection of your value chain and especially of your data is not only maintained, but increased. Security by design as a concept ensures that you can sleep well regardless of the technological environment you have.

Cloud and IT Transformation

The future is in the clouds. Cloud computing is changing the way we look at IT and business. We support you on your way into the clouds: starting with your business model, via process architecture towards integration. With the necessary view on the changes impacting your organization.

CXO as a Service

No matter where you are in your journey - we help you to accelerate. By closing potential skill and management gaps in your organization while ensuring that know-how will be built up on your end. Seamlessly and directly measurable.

"It's not done before it's done." _Olaf Seemann


From banking to the automotive industry. From public services to logistics. From startups to corporations. Our customers are part of the community.


Complexity needs diversity. This is why there are no lone warriors in our company. Our teams are put together based on the focus of your project. Our customers feel the fun we have in what we do at every stage of our collaboration.

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